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In short

MilkTracker is an Android pumping app developed by Little Bytes Software. This is a good app to track pumping.


Overall its the best app for android to track pumping

Straightforward pumping app with daily totals

Great app but I'd love the addition of a pause button

Allows me to check emails

It helps me to keep track of my milk and my pumping schedule

The graph option could be clearer though

It would be nice to have more options for statistics

My only complaint is not being able to pause and resume sessions

Perfect as an exclusive pumper it's just what I needed

The recent update has been a great improvement as well

I'm not a fan of the history showing up on the main page


MilkTracker makes it easy to keep track of your breast milk pumping production. Simply tap "Start"when you start, "Done"when finished, enter the amount of milk pumped and any notes you may have. MilkTracker will store all of the data for safe-keeping and later analysis.

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