Household account book

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In short

Household account book is a free Android budgeting app from UNITED, Inc. It is a great way to track money.


I remember to input all of my bills and spending so it's L great

And the cute theme makes saving and spending money a fun experience

Cute app for tracking money

Thank you for making so easy to see how we spend our money

User friendly interface

Now I use this app as my main program to keep track of my cash

This is exactly what I have been looking for in a budgeting app

It makes it fun to manage my savings

Its easy to use during my college life

I use this to track my tips and it is great AND adorable

It's not like other money tracking apps

The password function doesn't work

Not great if you have actual account balances to monitor

I may have to uninstall if my numbers get thrown off too much

This unable for you to add another account

It breaks everything down for you via a circle chart or list

I've never used an accounting app so maybe I'm using it wrong

App crashes too often and there are too many Ads as well

Too much advertisement

It's frustrating to keep it added up


Introducing a budget book app with cute illustrations! With this app, you can keep track of how much money you spend in a month, and even save money! As a bonus feature, the app includes a comic book! The longer you continue to use this app, the more you will be able to read this comic book. ----------------------------------------------------- About the app ----------------------------------------------------- ・Keep track of how much you earn and how much you spend in one month ・A pie graph that shows what you spend your money on and what percent of your money you spend on each item ・A story that you can read more of if you use the app more ・Download wallpaper ------------------------------------------------------- This app is perfect for people who..... -------------------------------------------------------- ・want to avoid using too much money ・want to save up ・have trouble saving up ・want to know in detail how much they spend in a month ------------------------------------------------------ A request from the staff: ------------------------------------------------------ If there are any problems with the app, please tell us by sending us an e-mail. To send us an e-mail, open the app and select "Other", then select "Inquiry". If you write about any problems you're having in a review, we will not be able to tell which version of the app or device you are using, which makes it difficult for us to fix the problem. Please cooperate with us in making our service better!

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