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In short

mLite - Family Phone Tracker is a free Android gps app developed by mSpy Company. This is a good app to keep kid.


It's a good app to track phone of anybody in a family

MLite is the best GPS app for android

Thanks mlite for child locator Feature

Its awesome and very gud phone tracker i like this app its gorgeous

Good parental control app

I love using this mlite parental control app

Now i am happy user of this parental control app

Parental control app and now i am happy to use it

As it has great SMS tracker

It is best SMS tracker


Google refused to return the fee they charged me for nothing

Now my kid not able to buy or download any immature app

Spying on your kid is the opposite of good parenting


The mobile phone has become the favored communication hub for the majority of pre-teens and teens around the world, right? Have you ever wondered, how to track android phone of your kid? Do you think parents have to monitor their kid’s mobile usage and set rules on how to use mobile phones? Yes. No. Maybe. All three answers are perfectly valid. Try mLite, a handy yet straightforward parental control app, which connects your kid with a single click. Designed to erase unwanted fears and worries connected with your kids, mLite will become your ideal parenting helper. It can tell you about your kid’s mobile usage, including call and sms logs! You can also check the exact location of your teen at every particular moment. It might be said without exaggeration, with mLite parents can rest assured that their kids are ok and they are not doing anything naughty or risky. Plus, this easy to use parental control program helps your detect any problems your kids might face and act the moment it takes place! Features Currently the following features are presented in mLite: • Real time SMS logs tracking : check your kid’s every single SMS sent or received. Apart from the content itself, this SMS tracker allows you to see the name of the sender/ recipient as well as the exact date and time. This can flag some of the biggest problems right away. • Call logs monitoring : know who your children call to and get calls from. Plus, you have a wonderful possibility to determine how much time they spend talking and when. • Real time GPS phone tracker : check the real time GPS location of your child every time such necessity occurs. By the way, mLite is by far the best GPS app for Android. • Panic Button : Add an alarm button on your kid's phone for emergency cases, you will get notified at once with instant GPS path of your kid in danger. • Geo-Fencing : set up virtual fences and track every time your child enters or leaves the zone, get notified by any selected means. Make sure you do your best to ensure your kiddo's safety. • Installed apps monitoring : make sure that your child uses the age-appropriate programs. mLite helps you reveal any “dangerous” apps, which are not recommended for immature people or which you don’t want your kid to use. • Contact list : have a closer look at their full contact list to find out who they communicate with. Pay closer attention to those who you don’t know personally. New features will be added on a regular basis. The Control Panel of mLite It’s the very first version of mLite Control Panel. At the moment it shows notifications about logs. To view these logs in details you will need to open your Control Panel in Browser right from the app. Later, we will add the full Control Panel mobile version with all mLite features. Prices Those who are new to the world of parental control or haven’t used mLite before are required by get the monthly subscription, which is worth $14.99**. Google Play exclusive offer: check how the app works, connecting your child's device and getting first logs from their phone, and only then pay for your subscription. **Prices are in U.S. dollars, exclude any applicable sales tax, may vary in countries other than the U.S., and are subject to change without notice. Installation This mobile phone monitoring app is easy and rather fast to install. We have a detailed guide to help you set it up within minutes. Note that the installation process involves Parent's and Kid's phone. Before you get started with mLite 1) Please be aware that mLite involves a visible icon on your child’s device. Thus, your children will know that you have installed a mobile phone tracker on their devices. If questions arise, contact us via e-mail or call us +1 855 896 0041 24/7! * Privacy Policy: * Legal Info:

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